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IEM antizipiert Ihre Bedürfnisse und setzt Ihre Gedanken pro-aktiv zu einer erfolgreichen Veranstaltung um.
Stets mit einem engagierten und personalisierten Service.

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Maike Grimpe 

Seit 1997 ist Maike Grimpe eine engagierte Expertin im Veranstaltungsbereich, Ihre Erfahrungen sammelte sie in der Hotel-und Event-Management-Branche. Maike hat ein ausgezeichnetes Verständnis für die Arbeit an allen Seiten einer Veranstaltung. Sie bietet Kreativität, Kompetenz sowie Zahlen und Fakten.

Sinéad Moran

Seit 2007 ist Sinéad Moran eine begeisterte Projektleiterin die es liebt, mit ihren Kunden zusammenzuarbeiten, um deren Traumveranstaltung Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen. Sinéad versteht es, die Vision des Kunden geschickt umzusetzen, und sie kann problemlos mehrere Projekte gleichzeitig bedienen.


  • I have known Maike Grimpe for 11 years and I have had the privilege of attending events she has managed. Maike´s skill set makes her the ultimate Event Manager. Using her excellent relationship building skills she has created a global and ever increasing network of professional and personal connections. Her authenticity, professionalism and positive energy are a driving force in executing any event and exceeding expectations. She is action oriented and has a great ability to bring her client´s vision to reality. I highly recomment Maike Grimpe for any event large or small.

    Chris Aguero IT Manager, PMO
  • I´ve worked with Sinead for the last 2 years and I can truly recommend her as she is a very solid professional, proactive and always with very good ideas, knowledgeable, good communicator and positive. She has very good common sense and is able to work in complex and difficult environments. And additionally to her professional qualification, it´s also very nice form a personal perspective to work with her.

    Marta Berriatua Fernandez de Larrea Manager Software SaaS, Europe
  • Maike is an exceptional event manager and producer. The success of her event (and her clients) is paramount to every decisions she makes. She is thorough in managing details and excels at negotiating cost savings. Her ability to manage small events as well as large ensures she has the breadth of skills to manage all types of events … she’s the type of team player that organizations look for to deliver the best, most productive work for their business.

    Sandi Toungate Senior Director of Event Services, George P Johnson
  • Sinead recently worked as Program Manager for a large and complex event in Europe. Her project management skills were put to the test due to many changes, with nearly 300 sessions running (simultaneously over 4 days). Sinead was often challenged with complex scenarios that required immediate resolution. I found Sinead’s approach calm, methodical and personable. The event was a huge success.

    Alissa Plane WW Sales Enablement Lead, IBM Cloud Video
  • Maike and I worked together on numerous European enablement events over the last 10 years. For me, Maike is the ultimate professional. She has an absolute passion for the job, she is always friendly, calm and very professional and has a wonderful work ethic. She offers guidance and support to her peers and members of extended team. She is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in the tasks that she undertakes. Her experience and network in the event management area is an absolute advantage. She always tries to find a solution no matter how tricky a situation might appear. On top Maike has a wonderful sense of humor – it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.

    Astrid Kienzl Sales Enablement Manager Acquisition Integration Team, IBM Europe
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Sinead over the last year.  Sinead experience in building large & complex events to educate our Europe team is impressive … She has been instrumental in the success, leading all the logistics to welcome, educate and “make happy” crowd of more 300 attendees and partners ..and working very closely with the business leaders and myself to make it a very special moment that count .. I really appreciated working with Sinead, her dedication and loyalty were great assets for us.

    Huguette Ranc VP IBM Social, Europe
  • I have worked with Maike for over 10 years now. She is an expert in large event management. She has a deep knowledge of what it takes to run a successful complex training event end to end, from site selection, through contract negotiation, project management and successful execution and problem solving. She has extensive experience all over Europe in this capacity. Maike has a unique talent for building very strong client relationships and leads with a client first approach. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

    Christina Wyllie Business Unit Executive Enablement, Cloud Europe
  • I had the pleasure of working with Sinead on a recent very large event, 1,700 sellers from across Europe and the Middle East came together for a sales and technical sales event in Madrid. Sinead was my project manager for this event and was superb. She stepped into this new role, learned the team, created and ran the project plans. Sinead was thorough and patient through the changes and kept us all aligned and on track.

    Sarah Edwards Cloud WW Sales Enablement Manager, IBM


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